Sighting-navigation system PNS-24M is installed on SU-24M aircraft and provides at any time of day and night in simple and difficult meteorological conditions
“OSMINOG-E" search and sighting system is installed in KA-28 naval helicopter and designed to accomplish tasks of search, tracking and transfer of information to systems for the destruction of detected targets being submerged or surfaced, as well as radar-visible targets.
9B 1101К
It is designed to build up the aviation air-to-air missile of the type R27R1, used as a part of armament equipment for МIG-29, SU-27 aircrafts.
Is used as an airborne radar interrogator of the “Parole” state identification system. Operates together with airborne radar systems.
Designed for crew warning about aircraft illumination by radar stations of interception and fire-control, determination of specific direction of the illumination and type of the illumination means with the purpose of use by the crew of necessary aircraft precautions and performance of maneuver for crew warning which is made using warning lights and acoustic alarm.
Designed for crew warning on the aircraft illumination by the radar stations of interception and fire-control from any direction, as well as for chaffs dipole reset machine starting.